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The wedding was a bliss and the most good fun I've had ever. I remember it to be fantastic but soon as I received the video files that were timely sent, my goodness, I didn't know it was as EPIC as they have articulated and filmed it to be. I am not in any way overstating that I have seen friends either hold back tears, or shamelessly cry when I show them our wedding video, but they do. It is just sheer brilliance and an absolute talent to have a team have my husband and I and even our friends be moved over and over as the watch the video as if to re-live the moment with us. I can say having them as our videographer was money well spent but I would be lying if I just put that out there, what they have given my husband and I is absolute PRICELESS!

Harleine, Benjo, Mara and the rest of the Lula Wedding Films Team, you are stars! Many thanks for your brilliance, talent, professionalism and ease. We are blessed to have met such talents as you. As I write this...incredible! Incredible!

Phil and Joel, Bali

From start to finish, Benjo and his team were kind, passionate, patient, and detail oriented toward our wedding day.

I reached out to Benjo on a whim, knowing he was located far away. He was willing to travel and even arrive a couple days early to our venue location to film anything and everything he could get his hands on — the Miami scenery, the husband and me in natural settings, etc.


What I loved about Benjo is I could sense he was truly trying to create a story for us - and not just check off the list of "shots to get" as I felt with so many other vendors. And a story is what he truly created. Everyone who watches our video says it is unlike any other video they have ever seen and that it is actually a way to tell the story. Our video is romantic, timeless, and filled with love. Benjo was able to capture the best (whether big or small) moments of our day and turn them into something beautiful.

Naomi and Shane, Miami

Lula Wedding Films was recommended by our wedding planner, Amanda Tirol. Beforehand, we have already watched a lot of wedding videos from different suppliers but none of them appealed to us. It was either too commercial, scripted or too cheesy. We noticed that most of the videos had the same sequence. We wanted something different. But after watching the Bali wedding video of Ariane and Lawrence by Lula, we were sure right away that we wanted to get them as our videographers.We just loved how the whole video was made. It was so natural and showed the love and sincerity between the couple without exaggerating it. Aside from that, the beauty of the destination was also emphasized and we liked that factor since we ourselves were going to have our wedding in Boracay. We were very impressed. We then had a Skype meeting with Benjo since he was based in Iloilo and we booked right after that. Benjo and his team were easy to work with. We had fun doing our pre-wedding video with them. We didn't feel awkward at all while doing the different actions and poses. Then finally during our wedding reception, they showed our Same Day Edit video and everyone in the room loved it! I still recommend Lula to all engaged couples until now. Thank you Lula for making such an amazing wedding video which we will treasure forever :)

We would gladly recommend Lula Wedding Films to our family and friends!

Mona and Jay, Boracay

Benjo and his team did an amazing job on our wedding video! The two day shoot was absolutely enjoyable and we truly appreciated how he was able to make us feel completely at ease throughout the entire period.


The final video fully captured the essence of what our wedding was all about; a celebration among our loved ones, and the start of a new beginning. I cannot give higher praise to such exquisite artistry.

Andrew and Irene, Bali 

Working with Lula was a very pleasant experience. As we were based in Singapore, we only got to meet up in person with Benjo and Harleine once when we went home to the Philippines for holiday, everything else was discussed online and the day before the wedding. We had to put a lot of trust in them that they will process all their visa requirements accordingly as it was their first time to go to Europe and thankfully, they go their visas and were able to fly to the UK a few days before the wedding. Benjo and Harleine were very easy to work with and were flexible with clients' requirements. They were very professional and worked discreetly during the entire day.


The wedding videos turned out beautifully, captured all the precious moments of our wedding day, and everyone loved them! Thank you again Lula Wedding Films for flying all the way out to Scotland and for documenting our fairytale castle wedding!

We would gladly recommend Lula Wedding Films to our family and friends!

Athena and Sam, Scotland

These moviemakers are as genuine as we can be. No pretentions, no scripts, just pure love. Truly the very reason why we choose them.

Thank you guys for letting us share our stories by just being ourselves. I can't think of any other maker who can share it truer and purer than you can.

Stay awesome, stay pure, stay as you are, Lula!

EJ and Miguel, Tagaytay

I almost got burried my eyes watching sdes in vimeo while we were choosing a videographer, from the most famous to the emerging artist/entrepreneur. But when i saw the sample sdes of Lula, in a heartbeat i sent an email query and requested to block the date without hesitations. And when i watched our own sde i deeply fell in love with the craftmanship, to with:
1) lula, mike and team have the skills and talents which are innate without even trying;

2) real essence of edit, a well polished EDIT and not just the usual collage of scene during prep with an upbeat background music;

3) a customized concept that makes the sde distinct

4) a simple instruction for a gesture that became a grand dramatic scene in the sde

5) captured and incorporate the most valuable part of the wedding like cherries on the top of the cake. And not how the make up artist stroke her brush on my face but the message during ceremony, my vow and his' vow and relate to every scene on that day;

6) scoring will motivate surge of emotions and build so much thrill

7) very professional, polite, cute team

I can go on and on...

Highly recommended videographer. Kudos, LULA!

Shirley and Burt, Tagaytay

Heyyyy Amazing Team!!!! This review is a loooong time overdue, apologies our hands has just been sooo full after the wedding and it went on and on.

You guys have exceeded our expectations. Nikos and I were absolutely blown away with our same day edit. Not only us but all our guests and my colleagues here in NZ who’s seen our SDE. It was dramatic- sure you did touch everyone’s heart and you have captured every bits of emotion on that day. Kudos to the superlative skills of Darlene, Remjo, Leo and MM!!! Made me even glow with pride knowing that this amazing team is my fellow western visayans.


All the best to you all!


Nikos and Guiden, Bohol

From the very start I set out to have Lula films at my wedding. I watched their featured videos and I loved the fact that they were all different. To me that meant that they truly considered who their clients were as individuals. They didn't stick to one style. Their style was to be different each time. After watching the SDE I realized that hiring them for my special day was one of the best decisions I made. 

Thank you so much for everything guys! You were all so wonderful. I hope you had a great stay in Manila and got home safely. Take care!

Patricia and Ace, Manila

I am not sure i can express my gratitude with simple words for this amazing team of filmmakers!

Benjo & Harleine traveled from the other side of the world in order to be part of celebrating our love story!

Someone could expect that they would just film our story..but they didn't stop there...

They captured "our special moments", the deeper essence of our feelings..they managed to break the surface and eliminate differences in culture & language..they were there with their hearts but at the same time acting as super professionals. 

They really became..part of our story...part of our family in the end..


What we got in the end? 

An amazing "gift" for a lifetime! Our special memories so heavenly connected that every time we watch it we travel in time and place and we feel again like being there... with our beloved ones..


Thank you for everything! May you are always blessed and exist to inspire as you already do!


With endless love, 


Efi and George, Greece

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