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P R E W E D D I N G   A G R E E M E N T

1.  The pre wedding session should be exclusive only to Lula Video Team. No photographer should be allowed in this session unless it's with the Lula Images Photo Team. This is to secure the quality of the video through time management and easy shoot workflow for the team.

2. A downpayment of 20% shall be made for a pre wedding video not availed with a wedding package. The full payment then, shall be made online or through bank transfer a week before the shoot. Pre weddings availed with the wedding package shall also settle the payment for separately after the pre wedding shoot. 

3. The prewedding should be set not later than 3 months before the wedding date. This is to ensure that the trailer is posted in advance and that the final video will have sufficient time to be finished.

4. The pre wedding should not be scheduled in peak months of October to February. The client is allowed to change the schedule of the shoot as long as the team is available.

5. The concept of the video and all other details should be discussed by the couple and the assigned team through a Whatsapp group. This is to ensure that all details are discussed, including time schedule, concept, wardrobe, makeup, and venue.

6. The video finished will only have a maximum of two revisions. A revision thereafter will cost P1,000.

7. It is the client's responsibility to secure permits and payments for venue of the shoot. Client also shoulders logistics out of town travel fees and accommodation if necessary.

9. Lighting conditions, weather, and other uncontrollable circumstances that may affect the outcome of the shoot will not be the responsibility of the team. The team however will do their best to create the best possible output.

10. Choice of Director or team will be subject for availability.

A G R E E M E N T  A S  O F  A U G U S T  2 0 1 8

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